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Project SKill Introductory

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Project SKill Introductory

Post by Mod Chris on Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:25 pm

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Project SKill. We are a new server, with a great staff, great client, and great ideas in mind. I'm Mod Chris and I'll be explaining a bit about the history of the staff, along with what our name means and what we believe in about RSPS's.


Our staff currently consists of four players, who have all migrated from another RSPS called eternityx. The server was falling apart, the economy had to already have been reset within just two weeks of the server being up. Nothing was right, the owner continued to ruin the economy and he even appointed two 10 year old moderators. That server was a nightmare. So Daniel and myself had an idea of creating our own server. Of course, we would need the help of our game developer helix and his brother nick to make what is now Project SKill possible.

What our name means-

As you may have noticed, the first two letters in "skill" are capitalized. This is because the original name for the server was simply "skill and kill". Well we got to talking and someone threw out the suggestion of putting "project" in the name. After the suggestion, we took everything, and put it in a bowl. We mixed it all up and put it in the oven to bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. When we pulled it out of the oven, we had came up with the name, Project SKill. And thus came the birth of a great server.

What we believe an RSPS should be-

Now that you have heard our story, and what we've come from, you'll understand what we believe in, and why we believe in it. We believe an RSPS should be fun, don't get us wrong. But it also has a certain level of order that MUST come with it. Without order in... well, anything. There will not be success. And we are looking at being successful. We believe in respecting players rights, respecting their time, and most of all, respecting them. We want to make your Project SKill experience as enjoyable as possible. And for this reason we strongly, strongly encourage you to read the rules to our server. By doing this you will not only be helping us create a more fun environment for you, but a more fun environment for everyone.

Thank you. Sincerely from,
The Project Skill team.

Mod Chris Head Community Developer
Mod Chris
Mod Chris
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